• Disruption Canvas

    Guiding the Process of Disruptive Innovation

  • How You Can Use Disruption Canvas ?

    The Disruption Canvas facilitates your planning to be a disruptive influence and create business opportunities that may not be readily apparent. Venture Capital systems around the world are spawning Exponential Organizations (ExOs). Examples include Uber disrupting the taxi industry, AirBnb disrupting the hotel industry, and NetFlix disrupting the TV industry. ExOs run at a pace 10x faster than established companies, and threaten the status quo of virtually every industry, worldwide. No exceptions.

    Another way to describe Exponential Organizations is LEAN Disruptors. Organizations that want to address their vulnerabilities MUST sponsor attempts to disrupt their traditional business models and they need a LEAN Disruption compass to guide their efforts. The Disruption Canvas brings discipline and rigour to the process.

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